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Ideal for the preservation and augmentation of your funds.

Download wallet Eternity

The latest version of wallet Eternity Core - (Mar 24, 2018).

Source code: Source code

Advantages of Eternity:


Through technology SpySend your payments remain anonymous, that does not give anyone the opportunity to keep track of your money.


Payments and transfers are instantly with InstantX Technologies.


Advanced encryption and 2-level network guarantee complete safety.

Low fee

The Commission is far lower than with bank transfers, and often even free of charge.

Direct payments

Using a decentralized network, all payments are made directly between the parties, without intermediaries.


You can send and receive money anywhere in the world.

Ideal for the preservation and augmentation of your funds.

Through the method of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and mechanism EternityNode you get not only a way to safely storing your money, but multiply. Coins are in your wallet can make a profit.

Eternity Nodes rewards

Profitability of Eternity Nodes is carried PoS Mining (Proof of Stake).
Each new block up to 45% is given as a reward to the holders Eternity Nodes.

  • Eternity Nodes Number: 505
  • Price: 0,08 USD
  • Payee amount: 6.51 ENT (0.5 USD)
  • Daily profitability: 7.43 ENT (0.57 USD)
  • Monthly profitability: 222.77 ENT (17.24 USD)
  • Annual Profitability: 2710.4 ENT (209.72 USD)

MasterNodes - EternityNode

Where is represented Eternity

Specification of Eternity

Generation genesis block - 18.09.2016 @ 00:00:01 MSK (GMT +03:00)

Coin specifications

Ticker Code: ENT
Name: Eternity
Type: PoW/PoS
Premine: No Premine
Hash Algorithm: X11 (11 rounds research hash functions)
The formula rewards for block: 2222222/(((Difficulty + 2600)/9)^2)
Generation block: every 2.5 minutes
Confirmations of transactions using InstantX: ~ 5 seconds
Difficulty Correction: every block, algorithm Dark Gravity Wave
The annual decrease in the number of produced coins: -7%
Estimated number of coins Eternity: 60,000,000
Decentralized network: EternityNodes
Advanced system anonymization transactions: Spysend
Reward model:
miners - 45%
EternityNode holders - 45%
development of the project - 10%

Ports specifications

Main Net:
port - 4855
rpcport - 4854
Test Net:
port - 14855
rpcport - 14854
Reg Test:
port - 14885
Unit Test:
port - 14385

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